Jerry Cuomo is the Vice President of Blockchain Technologies at IBM. He is an IBM Fellow, veteran software engineer, and one of the founding fathers of IBM WebSphere.


In this episode, Jerry and I discuss:

– How Jerry and his father are lifelong “IBMers.” In fact, his father made a discovery in 1972 that eventually led to the invention of optical disks. Jerry recounts crawling through the hallways of the IBM Research Center in his diapers – true story

– How IBM first embraced Ethereum before helping form Hyperledger

– The IBM Blockchain Platform and how IBM is using blockchain to revolutionize supply chain management for big name clients like Walmart, Maersk, Dole, Kroger, and many more

– Sovereign identity and private vs. public blockchains




[01:14] – Who is Jerry Cuomo and what is IBM’s blockchain strategy? Introduction and overview

[12:00] – Jerry’s introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain

[16:50] – IBM embraces Ethereum

[22:55] – Hyperledger is born

[28:00] – IBM’s blockchain strategy and the IBM Blockchain Platform

[30:18] – Jerry goes over some of IBM’s supply chain clients

[31:58] – IBM’s supply chain use case

[37:15] – Jerry’s take on Private vs. Public blockchains

[49:05] – Sovrin and DIDs

[59:04] – Fabric tokens (“Fabcoins”) are coming

[1:04:06] – Jerry Cuomo’s 10-year prediction for Bitcoin

[1:05:16] – Jerry weighs in on the Blockchain “killer app”



– Jerry’s father


Chris Ferris

Linux Foundation

Jim Zemlin


Blythe Masters

Brian Behlendorf


– Microsoft Blockchain Solutions


Greg Wolfond and SecureKey

DIDs (Decentralized Identifiers)

Linux, Docker, Kubernetes (OS software)

HSM (Hardware Security Module) support for key protection

– “Fabcoin” paper

Matt Spoke



– IBM blockchain website

– Jerry Cuomo’s Twitter handle




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