To celebrate Canada’s upcoming 150th birthday (on July 1st), I interviewed Canadian Blockchain entrepreneur Greg Wolfond.

Greg is the CEO & Founder of SecureKey – an identity and authentication provider.

He’s also a serial entrepreneur with over 30 years in FinTech, security and mobile solutions. Here are some of his accolades:

· Founded Footprint Software – a financial software company that he sold to IBM

· Founded 724 Solutions – a wireless infrastructure software provider he took public

· Entrepreneur of the Year

· Canada’s Top 40 Under 40

· Named 100 Top Leaders in Identity

In this episode, Greg and I discuss why Blockchain was a logical choice in building SecureKey’s digital identity network, the future of digital identities, and how two of Greg’s friends got their identities hacked and had mortgages put on their homes!


[00:58] – Who is Greg Wolfond? Introduction and overview

[03:37] – The identity and authentication network SecureKey is developing with IBM and Canada’s biggest banks

[09:35] – How Greg discovered Blockchain

[12:22] – How SecureKey met NIST’s (National Institute of Standards & Technology) identity requirements using Hyperledger

[12:55] – US Homeland Security awards a grant to SecureKey

[14:04] – Growing an ecosystem and developing partnership via an open-source approach

[15:30] – Will SecureKey bring digital identity to developing countries?

[18:32] – 1,100 privacy breaches?

[20:13] – Greg Wolfond’s advice to Blockchain entrepreneurs

[22:24] – Areas that have the highest potential for disruption using Blockchain

[25:41] – When is SecureKey’s national digital identity network going live?

[26:05] – How to get in touch with Greg

[26:21] – Conclusion



CRA (Canadian Revenue Agency)

– TD Bank

– Royal Bank of Canada (RBC)

– Bank of Montreal

– Canada’s major banks announce $27 million investment into SecureKey

– Hyperledger

– Rogers (Canadian phone company)

– Triple blind identification (original science-related definition provided)

– NIST (National Institute of Standards & Technology) identity standards

– Concierge (SecureKey’s identity brokerage)

– Baby monitor denial of service (DDoS) attacks

– Data “honeypots”



– SecureKey website

– greg [at]

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