Dr. Leemon Baird is the inventor of Hashgraph and the Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of Swirlds Inc. He has a PhD in Computer Science and is also a successful entrepreneur and former professor.

Hashgraph is a new data structure and consensus algorithm.

**PLEASE NOTE: This interview was conducted prior to the Hedera Public Ledger announcement.**


In this episode, Leemon and I discuss:

– What a Hashgraph is. How does it compare to a Blockchain?

– Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) – Leemon does a brilliant job of explaining this

– Exciting use cases for Hashgraph. Hint: they already have a few big ones in the pipeline




[00:58] – Who is Leemon Baird and what is Hashgraph? Introduction and overview

[11:46] – Is Blockchain dead?

[12:37] – Hashgraph, Blockchain, and DAG (directed acyclic graph) – the differences

[16:13] – Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) vs. Proof-of-Work (PoW)

[20:11] – The Byzantine General’s Problem

[25:56] – Why did Swirlds decide to patent Hashgraph?

[27:55] – Asynchronous BFT vs. Synchronous BFT

[29:38] – Hashgraph use cases – Credit Union Ledger (CU Ledger)

[32:44] – Just how fast is Hashgraph?

[35:36] – Sharding

[38:25] – Leemon discusses “fairness” on the Hashgraph platform

[41:17] – Smart contracts on the Hashgraph platform

[44:05] – What challenges did Leemon Baird face as he was designing Hashgraph?

[46:52] – Hashgraph’s “killer app”

[53:01] – Leemon’s perspective on the future of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Blockchains in general

[55:37] – How to get in touch with the Swirlds team

[56:23] – Conclusion



DAG (directed acyclic graph)

– Professor Emin Gun Sirer’s episode

– Leemon’s talk at Berkeley

– Leemon’s talk at Harvard

– Probabilistic finality (Vitalik’s perspective)

– The Byzantine General’s Problem

CU (Credit Union) Ledger


Java JIT compiler

Mance Harmon



Swirlds and Hashgraph website



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