Brian Behlendorf is a legend in the open software movement. He is one of the creators of Apache – server software that powers most websites on the internet.

He currently serves as Executive Director of Hyperledger – one of the most prominent Blockchain consortiums in the world.

His list of accomplishments in the tech industry is beyond impressive:

· Technology Advisor – White House & 2008 Obama Presidential Campaign

· President – Apache Software Foundation

· CTO – World Economic Forum

· Managing Director – Mithril Capital Management (venture capital firm)

· Board member – Mozilla Foundation, Benetech, Electronic Frontier Foundation

In this episode, Brian and I discuss the history of Hyperledger, the 8 projects under the Hyperledger banner (including several interesting use cases), and what Brian really thinks about the current ICO and cryptocurrency craze.


[01:06] – Who is Brian Behlendorf? Introduction and overview

[03:07] – Background on Hyperledger and The Linux Foundation

[11:52] – Hyperledger’s strategy regarding multiple Blockchains and interoperability

[15:14] – Hyperledger and Ethereum unite – Project Burrow

[16:55] – Does Hyperledger only cater to large corporations?

[21:25] – Brian describes the “doacracy” culture at Hyperledger

[23:29] – The 8 Hyperledger projects

[26:18] – Hyperledger vs Ethereum Enterprise Alliance vs R3 CEV

[30:57] – How Brian Behlendorf discovered Blockchain

[33:09] – Brian’s thoughts on Cryptocurrency

[35:01] – The use case that got Brian sold on Blockchain

[38:29] – The growth of Hyperledger

[39:03] – Brian’s formative experiences

[40:49] – Brian Behlendorf the partyer, and how that led to a partnership with Wired Magazine

[42:45] – His various ventures including working at the White House

[43:45] – Why Brian isn’t too thrilled about the ICO craze

[47:42] – Is there a Blockchain/Hyperledger killer app?

[49:09] – Has “Blockchain” been overhyped?

[49:43] – Everledger: The Blockchain for diamonds

[51:03] – Brian’s 10-year prediction for Bitcoin and Ethereum

[52:38] – The co-existence of public and private chains

[54:10] – Brian Behlendorf’s advice to startups and established corporations interested in innovating with Blockchain

[55:37] – How to get in touch with Brian and Hyperledger

[56:08] – Conclusion




The Linux Foundation

– The 8 Hyperledger Projects

Ethereum Enterprise Alliance



Wired Magazine

– UN Sustainable development goals (SDGs)




Hyperledger website



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