Matthew Spoke is the CEO of Nuco, an enterprise software company set to launch its AION Blockchain network in the near future.

Matt is a CPA and former consultant at Deloitte. He is also a board member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance.

In this episode, we discuss:

– How in the not-so-distant future, we may have thousands of Blockchains

– How Nuco’s AION network is trying to become the router for a global network of Blockchains

– And we touch on some interesting concepts like Blockchain network bridges and proof-of-intelligence consensus




[01:00] – Who is Matt Spoke, what is Nuco, and what’s the AION project? Introduction and overview

[03:07] – How Matt stumbled across Bitcoin and started a Blockchain revolution at Deloitte

[05:48] – A focus on building enterprise Blockchain solutions

[08:29] – Working with the Toronto Stock Exchange

[09:54] – Matt explains how Nuco is different from companies like IBM

[11:11] – A shared vision with the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

[14:07] – Connecting public and private Blockchains

[15:21] – The possibility of trillions of transactions per second (tps) in a web of Blockchain networks (currently, Bitcoin and Ethereum can only accommodate less than 10 tps each)

[19:47] – Introduction to the AION network

[23:09] – Matt points out the difference between Cosmos and AION

[24:14] – What’s a “third generation” Blockchain?

[27:41] – AION complaint networks, bridges, and an incentivized open source mechanism

[30:04] – Matthew Spoke covers “proof of intelligence” consensus

[34:46] – The AION token and a possible token sale/ICO (maybe)

[36:29] – The AION project timeline

[37:58] – Matt discusses his approach to Blockchain as a CPA

[40:11] – The biggest challenge Nuco faces as a start-up on the enterprise landscape

[41:39] – Matt sheds light on key areas in large enterprises that stand to be disrupted by Blockchain

[45:12] – The one thing outside of Nuco that Matt is excited about

[46:34] – Matt’s 10-year prediction for Bitcoin

[49:08] – His advice to start-ups and enterprises interested in Blockchain

[50:53] – His position on token sales/ICOs

[52:20] – How to get in touch with Matt





– AION whitepaper

– Toronto Stock Exchange Blockchain project

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance





BTC Relay



Nueral Network Computers

– Ethereum’s proof of stake transition (CASPER)




– Nuco website

– AION website

– Matt’s Twitter handle: @MattSpoke and @AION_Network


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