Mitch Steves is a Silicon-Valley-based Research Analyst at RBC Capital Markets.

RBC Capital Markets is one of the top global investment banks with almost 2,000 deals and approximately $250 billion dollars in capital raised for clients in 2017.

Mitch made headlines at the beginning of 2018 when he published a report stating, “Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain could become a $10-trillion-dollar market in 15 years.”


In this episode, Mitch and I discuss:

– How his predictions may have driven up the price of Ether by over 1,000% in 2017

– We review his report on blockchain and cryptocurrencies and discuss the rationale behind the $10-trillion-dollar figure

– And, because he’s a research analyst, I pick his brain on how to value cryptocurrencies and what best practices he recommends for ICOs

**Please note, Mitch is providing his personal opinion in this interview, which may not reflect the views of his employer, RBC. Also, for required disclosure on the companies discussed, please use the following disclosure link **




[00:57] – Who is Mitch Steves and what is RBC Capital Markets? Introduction and overview

[04:50] – Mitch’s June 2017 report on NIVIDIA and AMD boosts their revenues and drives up Ether by 1,000%

[06:00] – Blockchain is “unhackable”

[09:00] – Is RBC pro-Blockchain?

[13:36] – How do you value a cryptocurrency?

[15:20] – Filecoin

[17:47] – Mitch Steves’ report on a $10-trillion-dollar blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and the rationale behind it

[22:58] – The one industry with the greatest potential for disruption with Blockchain

[26:23] – Zero knowledge proofs

[29:00] – Does Blockchain have a “killer app?”

[30:54] – Mitch’s position on ICOs (and his advice)

[39:00] – His take on the state of Bitcoin and Ethereum in 10 years

[42:36] – How to get in touch with Mitch Steves

[43:00]  – Conclusion



– NVIDIA, AMD, and Ethereum GPU Mining article

– Jamie Dimon scandal

– Trump’s Twitter account gets shut down


– Mitch’s report – a $10 trillion dollar industry

– Kodak “coin

Long Island Blockchain

Lightning Network


– BitConnect Ponzi scheme

Zero knowledge proofs


– Litecoin Chinese “pump-n-dump



– RBC Capital Markets website

– Mitch’s email – Mitch.Steves [at]



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