Arthur is the product development lead at AxiomZen. He is an Engineer by training with a Computer Science degree and a Master’s Degree in Human-Computer Interaction.

CryptoKitties is a multi-million-dollar video game, where players collect and breed digital cats on the Ethereum Blockchain.


In this episode, Arthur and I discuss:

– What CryptoKitties is

– What motivated the AxiomZen team to create CryptoKitties, and

– The implications of a new non-fungible ERC-721 token business model



[00:54] – Who is Arthur Camara and what is CryptoKitties? Introduction and overview

[07:30] – Why is everyone going crazy over CryptoKitties?

[08:25] – $200,000 for a virtual cat? $28 million dollars of cat purchases in a matter of weeks? Analyzing revenues generated by CryptoKitties

[12:28] – Arthur explains how decentralization makes gaming better

[14:38] – Abandoning the ICO model and the emergence of CryptoKitty charlatans

[18:31] – Using CryptoKitties to make the Blockchain more accessible

[22:00] – Arthur Camara explains where the value of a CryptoKitty comes from and clarifies the difference between fungible (ERC-20) and non-fungible (ERC-721) tokens

[24:02] – Reviewing the CryptoKitty business model. How does AxiomZen (the creators of CryptoKitties) make money from the game?

[35:34] – How much skill is required to play CryptoKitties and does playing the game help newbies understand the concept of Blockchain?

[38:40] – How to play CryptoKitties – a step-by-step overview

[41:24] – Designing CryptoKitties. How did they do it?

[37:52] – Thoughts on scaling Ethereum after CryptoKitty madness brought the Ethereum Blockchain to a grinding halt

[51:35] – Arthur goes over some of the biggest challenges his team faced during the design of CryptoKitties

[53:20] – His thoughts on which areas will most likely undergo massive disruption by Blockchain

[56:04] – Besides CryptoKitties, what other Blockchain App does Arthur Camara find exciting?

[57:56] – What does AxiomZen do?

[58:59] – Arthur’s take on the state of Bitcoin and Ethereum in 10 years

[1:00:51] – His advice to companies interested in innovating with Blockchain

[1:01:47] – How to get in touch with Arthur Camara and how to find CryptoKitties

[1:02:30] – Conclusion



– CryptoKitties sales statistics




ERC 721

Gnosis Reverse Dutch Auction


Gas in Ethereum

Product Hunt





– CryptoKitties website

– AxiomZen website

– CryptoKitties on Twitter

– Arthur Camara on Twitter



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