Johan Toll is an Associate VP and leads Nasdaq’s blockchain efforts. He received the prestigious “FinTech person of the Year” award from the Financial Technologies Forum in 2018. Johan is also a renowned blockchain thought-leader and frequent speaker and panelist.


In this episode:

– We discuss how Nasdaq is not just a stock market company, but a full-fledged FinTech firm

– We go over how Nasdaq started experimenting with blockchain back in 2012, and how they created Nasdaq Linq, a blockchain-powered private share issuance platform that NASDAQ used to become the first organization in the world to issue actual company shares on a blockchain in 2015

– We also explore Nasdaq CEO, Adena Friedman’s statement, that Nasdaq is open to becoming a cryptocurrency exchange



[01:02] – Introduction

[06:14] – Who is Johan Toll and how is Nasdaq involved with blockchain and cryptocurrency?

[09:36] – Nasdaq as a FinTech and venture company

[11:50] – Nasdaq as a blockchain company – Nasdaq Linq and other uses cases (proxy voting, trading advertising contracts, mutual funds)

[22:37] – What does the demand look like for Nasdaq’s blockchain services?

[24:24] – The rise of blockchain-powered marketplaces

[27:31] – Privacy and proxy voting

[36:52] – The types of companies Nasdaq is working with

[41:36] – The biggest challenges companies are facing in terms of implementing blockchain

[47:22] – Nasdaq could possibly become a cryptocurrency exchange

[50:55] – The challenges of private key management

[52:55] – Nasdaq already provides software to cryptocurrency exchanges

[54:53] – Johan Toll’s opinion on the blockchain’s “killer app”

[22:45] – His perspective on the state of Bitcoin and Ethereum in 10 years

[34:52] – Conclusion



Nasdaq Linq


Strate the South African Central Securities Depository

NYIAX (using Nasdaq’s technology for advertising contract trading)

Cuebiq – a data privacy startup Nasdaq invested in

– Adena Friedman says Nasdaq would consider launching a Cryptocurrency exchange

– Binance makes $200,000,000 in the first quarter of 2018

Decentralized Exchanges (DEXs)


Lightning Network




– Nasdaq business website:


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