Michael Oved and Don Mosites are Co-Founders of AirSwap – a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange.

Michael is a veteran algorithmic trader and mathematician. Don is a former Google employee, serial entrepreneur, product designer, and full-stack engineer.

In this episode, we discuss:

–What the design of a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange looks like

–The advantages of decentralized vs. centralized exchanges

–And we touch on issues like front-running by miners in traditional blockchain ecosystems



[01:00] – Who is Michael Oved, who is Don Mosites, and what’s AirSwap? Introduction and overview

[03:07] – How Michael stumbled across Ethereum at a futuristic music festival in Las Vegas

[06:03] – What is algorithmic trading?

[10:56] – How Don became an entrepreneur, his stint at Google, and his eventual entry into the world of Ethereum

[16:40] – An overview of the AirSwap project

[21:32] – Some of the key benefits of a decentralized exchange

[25:34] – The AirSwap whitepaper, order books, and the Swap protocol

[29:38] – A brief overview of front-running in traditional centralized exchanges

[35:10] – More details on the Swap protocol (makers, takers, oracles, and smart contracts)

[41:00] – How will a decentralized exchange impact speculators?

[43:36] – The Air token and the AirSwap token sale

[46:55] – Industries the AirSwap founders believe will be disrupted by Blockchain

[30:04] – What Michael and Don are most excited about in the Blockchain space outside of their own project

[49:21] – Don’s advice to entrepreneurs and startups looking to innovate with Blockchain

[51:43] – Don and Michael’s prediction on where Bitcoin and Ethereum will be in 10 years

[56:57] – How to get in touch with the AirSwap team

[59:00] – Conclusion



Virtu Financial

Further Future Music Festival

– Joseph Lubin and Consensy

Algorithmic Trading

High Frequency Trading


– Google Neural Net DeepDream project


iNet (NASDAQ precursor)

Orderbook – a public location where people can trade

Island ECN (created order books – NASDAQ precursor)



Websocket and WebRTC

– Jamie Dimon’s statement




– AirSwap whitepaper

– AirSwap website

– Telegram link


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