Red Hat is a global software company providing open-source software solutions to enterprises.

I spoke with Rich Feldmann who is the Global Director of Financial Services and is in charge of Red Hat’s Blockchain initiative.

In this episode, we discuss:

– Red Hat’s Blockchain strategy

– An interesting project Red Hat is working on with BlockApps, a “Blockchain-As-A-Service” company

– And how cryptocurrency exchanges could leverage Red Hat’s expertise, if the conditions are right



[00:10] – What is Sibos? Who is SWIFT? How is Red Hat approaching Blockchain? Introduction and overview

[02:10] – How Rich and Red Hat go into Blockchain

[05:20] – The challenges Red Hat faced on their journey into the Blockchain space

[08:05] – Rich Feldmann’s thoughts on ICOs/token sales

[09:02] – Red Hat joins forces with “Blockchain-As-A-Service” company, BlockApps

[10:49] – Does Blockchain have a “killer app” ?

[12:52] – Has Blockchain been overhyped?

[17:26] – Rich Feldmann’s advice to other large corporations looking to leverage Blockchain

[19:23] – His 10-year prediction for Bitcoin and Ethereum

[20:30] – How to get in touch with Red Hat

[21:08] – Conclusion





– Red Hat’s OpenShift platform



– Red Hat website



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