Michael Foland is the President and Co-Founder of TaxToken. His mission is to make TaxToken, “the ultimate cryptocurrency tax solution.” TaxToken leverages blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to modernize cryptocurrency accounting.


In this episode, we discuss:

– Why you should file your “crypto taxes,” and why 2019 is a good year to do that

– Exactly what problem TaxToken aims to solve and what makes them the best solution

– Challenges associated with filing your crypto taxes (like how does the tax-man treat quirky crypto events like hard-forks and airdrops)



[02:42] – Who is Michael Foland and what is Tax Token? Introduction and overview

[06:10] – How Michael discovered blockchain during the original Ethereum crowdsale

[07:40] – Michael’s (and my) hobbies: MMA and fitness

[12:15] – The problem Tax Token is trying to solve

[19:50] – Tax treatment of hardforks, airdrops, stablecoins, NFTs, and crypto-to-crypto trades

[27:10] – Why should you file your crypto taxes this year?

[31:45] – Combining traditional taxes with crypto taxes

[35:26] – Global regulatory challenges around crypto taxation

[38:08] – Michael Foland’s prediction on where Bitcoin and Ethereum will be in 10 years

[45:34] – What is the blockchain killer app?

[47:57] – Michael’s advice to anyone filing their crypto taxes

[51:05] – How to get in touch with Michael and how to start using Tax Token

[54:55] – His advice to companies and entrepreneurs interested in innovating with Blockchain

[53:13] – Michael’s parting piece of advice

[54:17] – Conclusion



– Roger Ver Jiu-Jitsu brown belt

– Litecoin sponsors UFC 232

Ledger Nano


– Eva Beylin tweet

Maker DAO, Dai, and CDPs



Bitcoin Miami

Brave browser




– Tax Token Website



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