Erik Voorhees is CEO & Founder of Shapeshift – a platform that helps you trade any Blockchain asset for another, with no account required.

Erik has started several companies including Bitcoin gambling website, Satoshi Dice, which he sold in July 2013, for over 126,000 Bitcoin.

In this episode, Erik and I discuss the future of ICOs and Blockchain assets, his take on private Blockchains, whether or not Bitcoin will hit $500,000 by 2030, and why entrepreneurship is all about execution and not ideas.



[01:07] – Introduction and overview

[02:23] – Who is Erik Voorhees?

[03:15] – Erik’s introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain

[06:13] – His biggest challenge as a Bitcoin entrepreneur

[07:31] – Erik Voorhees’ take on the future of Bitcoin utility

[11:22] – The one area he sees as having the most potential for disruption by Blockchain

[14:37] – Erik describes how he started Shapeshift and what its purpose is

[17:31] – The different ways Shapeshift is changing the Blockchain asset exchange space

[18:53] – The possibilities ICOs (and their related tokens) enable

[20:34] – Erik and I discuss the infamous DAO scandal and the Ethereum crowdsale

[23:53] – How the proliferation of so-called “altcoins” fuels the mass adoption of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

[25:36] – Has “Blockchain” been overhyped?

[29:59] – Erik Voorhees perspective on private Blockchains

[32:23] – Erik addresses his tweet of Jeremy Liew’s and Peter Smith’s statement that Bitcoin will reach $500,000 by 2030. Jeremy was Snapchat’s first investor, and Peter is the CEO and Co-founder of Blockchain software company, aptly named – “Blockchain”

[37:10] – His overall perspective on Ethereum

[37:39] – What Erik is most excited about right now, in the Blockchain space

[38:53] – Erik’s advice to companies and entrepreneurs interested in innovating with Blockchain/cryptocurrency

[43:03] – How to get in touch with Erik Voorhees

[43:40] – Conclusion



-The Blockchain/cryptocurrency space is still young and evolving and is in desperate need of a “killer app”

-Bitcoin will always have the dual role of “digital gold” and “electronic cash system” to one degree or another, despite its current high levels of congestion and subsequent block size debate

-ICOs (intial coin offerings) and the proliferation of Blockchain assets are the future of Blockchain, at least for now

-The proliferation of so-called “altcoins” and tokens is fueling the mass adoption of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies

-Private Blockchains are nowhere near as powerful as public Blockchains

-Fail often, fail fast, and always be executing – ideas are a dime a dozen




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