Jordan Crawford was the Director of Growth at Their mission is to make crypto useful. Purse allows users to name their own discount when shopping on Amazon by matching shoppers with individuals who wish to exchange Amazon gift cards for cryptocurrency.


In this episode, we discuss:

– How the Purse system works

– Why it’s critical for cryptocurrencies to be used in everyday transactions before they achieve mass adoption

– The drawbacks of traditional payment networks like ACH (Automated Clearing House)



[02:04] – Who is Jordan Crawford and what is Introduction and overview

[5:38] – How does Purse work?

[09:01] – Jordan’s Amazon jungle adventure

[12:19] – The Purse business model

[18:46] – Is “hodling” a bad thing for crypto?

[21:14] – Crypto vs. ACH

[27:21] – Tom Selleck’s moustache and millennials

[30:00] – Simple vs complex blockchain business models (and blackholes)

[45:28] – Are payments the main industry to be disrupted by blockchain and cryptocurrency?

[47:45] – What is the blockchain killer app?

[50:00] – Jordan Crawford’s prediction on where Bitcoin and Ethereum will be in 10 years (more like the Amazon litmus test)

 [54:55] – His advice to companies and entrepreneurs interested in innovating with Blockchain

 [1:00:00] – How to get in touch with Jordan and Purse (and get $10 when you sign up with Purse)

[1:02:00] – Conclusion




The Bank of International Settlements

ACH (Automated Clearing House)



Webvan story


Jeff Bezos’ 10-year litmus test

Palentir (software company)



Jordan Crawford’s website



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