Jason White heads up Indiegogo’s equity crowdfunding and token sale platform. Indiegogo is one of the first ever crowdfunding sites. It was launched in 2008 and has raised over a billion dollars for its participants across 232 countries.


In this episode, we discuss:

– How ICOs were an obvious part of Indiegogo’s evolution

– Indiegogo’s first ICO – the Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL)

– How Indiegogo adds value and performs rigorous vetting for their ICOs by using what they refer to as their “three-legged stool”




[01:14] – Who is Jason White and how is he managing ICOs on Indiegogo? Introduction and overview

[11:34] – Snowcones, illegal rave parties, and digital currencies…

[17:11] – Indiegogo and crowdfunding – some background facts

[23:47] – The Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL) ICO

[29:00] – Behind the scenes of an Indiegogo ICO – the “three-legged stool” – compliance, amplification, and vetting

[33:10] – The current ICO environment and the future of ICOs

[44:36] – The Howey Test, resale restrictions, and other legal issues around ICOs

[49:19] – Jason White’s take on ICO best practices

[57:48] – From security to utility token – a continuum

[1:10:26] – How does Indiegogo manage the global regulatory framework?

[1:14:43] – Jason’s prediction of where Bitcoin and Ethereum will be in 10 years

[1:18:54] – What he’s most excited about in the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency space

[1:23:15] – Jason White’s take on the Blockchain’s Killer App

[1:32:23] – His parting piece of advice to Blockchain/Cryptocurrency entrepreneurs

[1:34:50] – How to get in touch with Indiegogo’s Jason White

[1:36:10] – Conclusion



Slava Rubin – CEO & Founder of Indiegogo

Equity crowdfunding

JOBS act

Broker dealer

Fan Controlled Football League (FCFL)

Nathaniel Popper (Digital Gold)

4-6 billion raised via ICOs in 2017

A billion-a-month in ICO raises in 2018

80 subpoena’s issued

– Jay Clayton’s comments – every ICO is a security

Thomas Linder

Aaron Wright


– SEC Chairman agrees with the concept of a continuum

–  Tezos





– Indiegogo ICO website

– Jason White’s Twitter profile – @nycjw


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