Thomas Linder is a Crypto Tax Lawyer from Zurich Switzerland.

He is a Partner at MME Legal. MME is not just any law firm, it is the law firm behind the historic Ethereum token sale of 2014.

Thomas was a Director at KPMG Switzerland, and is a Certified Tax Expert who graduated from the Swiss Tax Academy.

In this episode, we discuss:

 How Thomas’s law firm, MME, was the legal advisor behind the iconic Ethereum token sale over 3 years ago, as well as other projects they’ve worked on like SingularDTV – A blockchain entertainment studio

 We go over ICOs, IPOs, and crowdfunding, pointing out the critical differences between each term

 We also break down the landmark SEC Investigative Report on DAO tokens or “D-A-O” Tokens, which came out on July 25th


[00:53] – Who is Thomas Linder and who is MME Legal? Introduction and overview

[02:53] – How Thomas and MME stumbled across Ethereum and Blockchain

[08:16] – Xapo’s legal challenges in Switzerland

[09:00] – SingularDTV’s legal structure

[11:00] – The DAO team contacts MME (and MME dodges a bullet)

[12:23] – Reviewing the SEC’s Investigative Report on The DAO Tokens, and a discussion on ICOs, IPOs, and crowdfunding

[20:20] – What’s a Token Generating Event (TGE)?

[21:17] – Thomas gives his thoughts on the classification of different types of tokens

[29:00] – Why The DAO tokens would be considered securities

[31:12] – A second look at the SEC’s Investigative Report on The DAO Tokens and the Howey Test

[39:52] – Thomas Linder’s thoughts on how rampant speculation in the ICO market will impact the space

[42:34] – The dangers of having too much money for a project

[44:32] – The main challenges Blockchain startups face

[50:13] – Thomas’s take on the Blockchain’s “killer app”

[55:41] – Are we in an ICO bubble?

[57:27] – Thomas’s 10-year prediction for Bitcoin and Ethereum

[59:18] – Thomas Linder’s parting words of wisdom to startups looking to hold ICOs

[1:02:14] – How to get in touch with Thomas and MME

[1:03:09] – Conclusion



– Consensys

– Xapo

– SingularDTV

– SEC Report (PDF link)

– Golem

– Tezos

– Lisk

– Dfinity



– MME Legal website

– Email: Thomas.Linder [at]


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