Bruce is the CEO and Co-Founder of BigchainDB. He comes from an Engineering, Management, Innovation, and Technology background.

Before co-founding BigchainDB, Bruce worked in some of the world’s largest corporations and also founded a successful consultancy firm.

In this episode, he explains why the world needs a scalable Blockchain database, the emergence of a decentralized technology stack, and the one quality that differentiates humans from machines.


[00:50] – Who is Bruce Pon? Introduction and overview

[03:14] – What is Ascribe and how did it evolve into BigchainDB?

[06:50] – What is BigchainDB?

[10:22] – The new decentralized cloud computing stack

[12:47] – Can BigchainDB be applied to permissioned environments?

[15:17] – Use cases for a decentralized database

[17:13] – What are IPFS, IPDB, and IPLD?

[22:35] – Will BigchainDB be able to scale as more “caretaker” nodes are added to the IPDB network?

[23:46] – A word of caution to firms and startups building applications on top of Bitcoin and Ethereum

[25:38] – Areas that have the highest potential for disruption using blockchain and BigchainDB

[31:01] – Bruce’s advice to entrepreneurs and firms looking to innovate using Blockchain

[36:50] – His take on the Blockchain’s “killer app”

[38:27] – The BigchainDB roadmap

[44:50] – Bruce Pon’s 10-year prediction on Bitcoin and Ethereum

[46:18] – What Bruce is most excited about in the Blockchain space

[49:26] – How to get in touch with Bruce

[49:58] – Conclusion



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BigchainDB roadmap


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– GitHub page

– Twitter: @BrucePon


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