Brock is a serial entrepreneur, digital currency visionary, and Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation.

Often referred to as the father of digital currency, he made millions in the internet gaming industry, where he was involved in trading virtual video game currencies.

He founded Blockchain Capital with two other partners, and they have become one of the leading venture capital firms investing in Blockchain.

In this episode, we talk about how Blockchain Capital is using tokens sales/ICOs to disrupt the VC industry, how they created the world’s first Digital Liquid Venture Fund, and the most critical factor they consider when deciding on which company to invest in.


[00:49] – Who is Brock Pierce? Introduction and overview

[02:26] – Brock’s introduction to Bitcoin and Blockchain

[04:50] – His biggest challenge as a Bitcoin entrepreneur

[06:56] – How Blockchain will cause a “leapfrog effect” in developing countries

[08:12] –  How Blockchain is “the future of everything”

[14:37] – One area Brock thinks is ripe for Blockchain disruption

[15:35] – The one critical success factor for any Blockchain company

[17:28] – The Blockchain “killer app”

[20:40] – Brock and I discuss Blockchain Capital’s “Digital LP Fund”

[26:47] – The dangers of participating in “non-compliant” ICOs/token sales

[29:41] – An overview of ICOs, Regulation S, and Regulation D

[30:53] – Brock goes over the BCAP token sale process

[31:50] – What types of investments is Blockchain Capital making?

[35:22] – How Blockchain Capital is eliminating the traditional GP/LP fund structure

[37:21] – The implementation of KYC/AML in token sales

[40:20] – Should ICOs be used to fund ideas that are still at the whitepaper stage?

[43:51] – The disruption of traditional stock markets

[44:45] – Has the term “Blockchain” been overhyped?

[45:53] – Brock’s predictions on the price of Bitcoin and Ether in 10 years

[44:45] – Has the term “Blockchain” been overhyped?

[48:01] – Brock Pierce’s advice to Blockchain entrepreneurs and firms

[49:16] – How to get in touch with Brock

[50:01] – Conclusion



-Bitcoin (the currency) is Bitcoin’s killer app

-Token smart contracts are Ethereum’s killer app

-ICOs will eventually replace traditional Venture Capital and even disrupt traditional stock market platforms like the NYSE and NASDAQ

-Blockchain will allow developing nations to leapfrog the technology curve developed nations followed

-The current unregulated ICO market is not necessarily a good thing

-Investing in a whitepaper via a token sale is not a good idea

-The most critical factor when investing in a company is the team



Blockchain Capital


World of Warcraft

Ultima Online

Second Life

-Jesse Powell (CEO & Founder of Kraken)


Howey Test




Blockchain Capital

-Brock [at]

-Twitter: @brockpierce



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