Philipp Pieper is the CEO & Co-Founder of Swarm. He has held various private equity and management positions at Deutsche Bank and Allianz Group. Philipp is a serial tech entrepreneur and discovered Blockchain after an encounter with the founder of BitTorrent.


In this episode, we discuss:

– The history of ICOs

– Whether it makes sense to tokenize traditional securities

– The 3 components of the Swarm system – tokenization, compliance, and decentralization

– How Swarm, as an open-source non-profit entity, differentiates itself from other players in the STO market




[02:35] – Who is Philipp Pieper and what is Swarm? Introduction and overview

[06:34] – How Philipp met Brian Cohen (Founder of BitTorrent)

[09:55] – A (very) brief history of ICOs

[17:18] – Is it even feasible to effectively tokenize traditional securities

[22:12] – Tokenizing LP (Limited Partnership) funds

[36:27] – Why is Swarm an open-source non-profit entity?

[37:50] – Philipp Pieper’s personal history

[43:40] – An overview of Swarm’s structure

[56:10] – How is Swarm different from other players in the STO market?

[59:46] – Philipp’s prediction on where Bitcoin and Ethereum will be in 10 years

[1:02:34] – What is the blockchain killer app?

[1:05:48] – His advice to companies and entrepreneurs interested in innovating with Blockchain

[1:09:17] – Conclusion



 – Bram Cohen Founder of BitTorrent




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