Paul is President and Co-Founder of Impak Finance, a FinTech company focused on driving positive social impact. He has raised millions of dollars, and has been part of numerous exits, acquisitions, and IPOs.

In August of 2017, Impak Finance made history by launching Impak Coin –  a cryptocurrency for a better world.

That launch became Canada’s first compliant ICO – meaning Canadian regulators reviewed the ICO and gave it a thumbs-up.


In this episode, we discuss:

– The step-by-step process Paul used to get his ICO approved by regulators

– How long the process took and the challenges he faced –and–

– Paul’s vision for the future, now that Impak has launched Canada’s first compliant token



[00:57] – Who is Paul Allard and what is Impak Finance/Impak Coin? Introduction and overview

[06:44] – Paul shift from “extreme capitalism” to positive social impact

[09:43] – Bitcoin, electricity, and the environment

[12:41] – An overview of Impak Coin and the Impak e-wallet

[24:01] – The process Paul Allard took to receive approval for his ICO from Canadian regulators

[35:25] – Canadian regulators give Impak a 2-year “test window”

[38:05] – How does regulation impact the amount of money raised in an ICO?

[40:46] – Impak and the Waves Platform

[41:56] – Other areas Paul Allard believes will be impacted by Blockchain

[46:21] – Does Blockchain have a “killer app?”

[48:44] – Paul’s take on the state of Bitcoin and Ethereum in 10 years

[50:10] – How to get in touch with Paul Allard and Impak Finance

[50:53]  – Conclusion



– Canada’s first compliant ICO – press release

AMF – Autorité des marchés financiers (securities regulator in Canada’s province of Quebec)

Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA)

– CSA Regulatory Sandbox

Ontario Securities Commission

Joseph Stiglitz

Thomas Piketty

Triple Bottom Line approach

– Canadian Prospectus requirements (for Ontario)

Waves Platform




– IMPAK Finance website



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