Lisa Cheng is the Founder and Head of Research & Development for the Vanbex Group. Vanbex is a full stack professional services and development company specializing in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency.

Lisa is also an advisor for emerging tech startups and has expertise in business development and product strategy. Her background includes Fortune 500 companies, enterprise sales, big data, and SaaS.


In this episode, Lisa and I discuss:

– How she was let go from several jobs and had to be on unemployment before working for organizations like the Ethereum Foundation and Mastercoin (now known as Omni)

– How she became the Founder of the Vanbex Group

– And how Vanbex’s Etherparty project raised $30 million in its ICO pre-sale



[00:54] – Who is Lisa Cheng, what is Vanbex, and what’s the Etherparty project? Introduction and overview

[03:51] – How Lisa stumbled across Bitcoin, and Mastercoin between jobs

[07:32] – From unemployed to Blockchain CEO. The story of Lisa Cheng, the Vanbex Group, and Etherparty

[10:55] – An overview of Etherparty

[17:22] – The Etherparty Token Sale

[18:34] – The $55,000 Etherparty ICO hack

[24:09] – The importance of a utility token in a regulated environment

[26:57] – An overview of the “Fuel” token (distribution, issuance etc.)

[32:01] – Lisa Cheng’s take on the Blockchain “killer app”

[33:57] – Has Blockchain been overhyped?

[36:09] – Lisa’s 10-year prediction for Bitcoin and Ethereum

[39:05] – Her advice to entrepreneurs and startups looking to innovate with Blockchain and Crypto

[40:59] – How to get in touch with Lisa

[41:58] – Conclusion



– Tor Browser

– Silk Road


Ethereum Foundation

Anthony Di Iorio


Open Zeppelin


Blockchain Capital

Matthew Spoke (Nuco/Aion)

Decentralized News Network (DNN)




– Vanbex website

– Etherparty website


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