John is a veteran technology entrepreneur who co-founded a company called “Left” with Chris Jensen.

Their mission is to use technology to change the world.

Left is currently focusing on a project called RightMESH – a software-based, mobile mesh networking platform that enables users with mobile devices to connect via WiFi and Bluetooth without an internet connection.


In this episode, we discuss:

– What a mesh network is

– What WiFi is (hint: you don’t need internet for WiFi)

– How Blockchain solves the identity problem in a mesh network  –and–

– The keys to success for Blockchain/Crypto entrepreneurs



[00:58] – Who is John Lyotier and what is RightMESH? Introduction and overview

[05:11] – What is a mesh network?

[06:53 – What is WiFi? Hint: it’s not the Internet

[10:02] – The MESH token and the role of Blockchain in the RightMESH model

[21:29] – How it all works

[25:18] – John goes over some of the biggest challenges RightMESH has faced

[33:52] – Are Blockchain/Crypto startups getting spoiled with too much ICO money?

[44:44] – John Lyotier describes the sharing culture he found within the Blockchain/Crypto community

[50:43] – How will traditional incumbents respond to the disruption RightMESH will cause?

[54:13] – Blockchain’s “killer app” according to John (it’s not what you think)

[57:57] – John’s take on the state of Bitcoin and Ethereum in 10 years (including a Bitcoin price prediction)

[1:01:11] – The RightMESH token sale

[1:04:02] – How to get in touch with John Lyotier and RightMesh

[1:04:38] – Conclusion



Google Home (hardware based mesh)




Why most ICO projects will fail (John Lyotier’s Medium blog post)

– Canadian Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) Program

Jason Calacanis (Launch Scale)

Jed Katz (Javelin Venture Partners)

Ethereal Summit

Vanbex interview

– Egypt shuts down the internet

– Thomas Linder (MME) interview

Bitcoin Suisse



– RightMESH on Twitter:  @Right_Mesh

– John Lyotier on Twitter: @lyotier

– RightMesh website

– RightMesh whitepaper

– RightMesh token sale site (please double-check):



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