Anthony is the CEO and Founder of Decentral – a Toronto-based innovation hub focused on disruptive and decentralized technologies.

In early 2016, they created Jaxx – one of the top multi-cryptocurrency wallets on the market.

Anthony is also one of the founding members of Ethereum and the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada.


In this episode, we discuss:


– Anthony’s epic journey to Cryptocurrency. From real estate, to the family patio door business, to geothermal drilling, and finally, to a serendipitous discovery of Bitcoin that eventually led to millions


– How he became one of the original 5 founders of Ethereum


– And of course, since he invented one of the most popular cryptocurrency wallets in the space, we discuss the inevitable consequences of the current ICO bubble




[00:30] – Who is Anthony Di Iorio? What is Decentral? What is Jaxx?

[02:38] – Anthony’s journey to Bitcoin

[05:20] – His foray into Geothermal Drilling

[07:38] – Coming across Peter Schiff and his prediction of the 2008 global financial crisis

[08:35] – Finally stumbling on Bitcoin

[10:00] – How Anthony Di Iorio started the first Toronto Bitcoin Meetup in 2012

[11:43] – Starting up the ‘Satoshi Circle’ gambling site

[13:16] – Anthony creates the Bitcoin Alliance of Canada

[14:45] – How he went to sell Satoshi Circle for millions

[16:03] – Why the digital wallet for cryptocurrency is like the browser for the Internet and how Anthony Di Iorio created his first crypto wallet in 2013

[17:49] – Vitalik Buterin creates Ethereum and Anthony becomes one of the 5 Founders – Vitalik Buterin, Anthony Di Iorio, Mihai Alisie, Charles Hoskinson, and Amir Chetri

[20:01] – Setting up the world’s second Bitcoin ATM in 2014

[21:38] – Why Anthony left the Ethereum Foundation in 2014

[22:45] – How Anthony and his team launched Jaxx in early 2016

[25:54] – His thoughts on the ICO bubble

[28:12] – How Jaxx is quickly becoming the official wallet for an increasing number of ICOs

[30:01] – Anthony’s advice to people taking part in ICOs

[32:00] – His prediction on Bitcoin and Ethereum in 10 years

[33:00] – His take on the Blockchain/Cryptocurrency ‘killer app’

[34:07] – How to get in touch with Anthony and Decentral

[34:52] – Conclusion




– Austrian School of Economics

– New Keynesian School of Economics

– Peter Schiff

– Geothermal drilling

– Peter Todd




– Decentral website

– Jaxx website

– Anthony’s Twitter: @diiorioanthony


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